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Kale Yard soup


I I feel that finally I’ve cracked winter and spring green growing for years I’d had a few successes but never enough to make more than a token gesture at dinner time. Its the end of February and we’ve had Leeks, Artichokes, Salad leaf and 5 types of brassica all ready for the kitchen for the past few months. In a bid to celebrate this bounty I decided to make a ‘half the garden soup’ with what I had to hand in the veg patch.


5 Cabbage Kale Yard Soup

Bunch of Cavolo Nero

Bunch of Russian Kale

Bunch of Curly Kale

Bunch of Spring Cabbage

Bunch of left over Wild Cabbage or you could use Purple sprouting Broccoli leaves

5 Leeks

4 medium Potatoes (the last of my pink fur apples I had in store/had forgotten about)

5 cloves of Garlic

Veg or Chicken stock

Sprig of sage and thyme

Wash and chop the leeks, Crush the Garlic and add to a large pan with a knob of butter and the chopped herbs, let them all sweat. As that’s doing its thing wash and remove the tougher stalks from the Cavolo Nero and the Curly kale but the others should be fine as they soften quicker, chop then add them to the pan. This allows them to wilt. Next add your stock. At this point I put the soup into a food mixer as we don’t have a hand blender, with the potato and blitz keeping a bit of texture. Add a vigorous twist of black pepper and a pinch of salt and simmer for 10 mins. You could add chilli which would have been good but I wanted the taste of the garden.

Serve with cream if your greedy like me, and a huge crusty bread. done grew it ate it!


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Strange fairytale edibles


Scarlet Elf cups


Jelly ears

These must be some of the oddest edible mushrooms lurking in the undergrowth on a wet February afternoon or stuck to the underside of a dead twisted Elder they couldn’t be more fairytale.

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Garden April 19



The garden is finally giving up some produce for the table. I missed purple sprouting of the shot. The chickens are beginning to lay again too all is well.

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Wild garlic


Even though spring is slow to get up and running in the garden the hedge row seems to be catching up that means the foragers larder is open. I’m no expert but I love how i can stride with confidence into a woodland and pick wild garlic or Ramsons as we call them. They are so easy to find and identify, normally the fragrance gives them away first. Just be careful that you’ve not picked lords and ladies which is not good for you, the leaf shape is different more heart shaped.

There is a million things you can do with them just use your imagination I’ve just had them on toast with cheese, easy tasty breakfast.


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Garden April 3


Looking up



Looking down


Had a break from the garden for a few days, it’s just been so cold, solid and unmoving but with the clocks the weather seems to be changing little by little bright sunny mornings help the mood.


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