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Economy drive DAY 6

horsforth farmers market

Today was a bit of a tough one we needed essential supplies ‘toilet roll’ and it was also Horsforth farmers market, which is new and I feel I want to support it. With thrift in my heart I set off, the supermarket was easy milk,toilet roll, toothpaste £4;75 a knock to the budget again but will last all next week too.

The farmers market is a different story, do I just walk by? do I just browse? no I hate browsing I’m off in. Horsforth farmers market is a small but growing one this being about the 4th one. How could I not show solidarity Ohh and they have duck eggs!

I bought

6 duck eggs – to make a cake, and please a 9 year old.

2 goose eggs – to please a poorly girlfriend

1 bottle of apple and raspberry juice – probably the best juice in the world

1 jar of honey – literally from around the corner, and chatted bee keeping possibilities

5 leeks – because I like leeks.

coming to a total of £10:30

Do i feel guilty? a little, do I care? no, I’ve a bag of organic local produce, my cash went straight to the supplier, I chatted food and bee keeping, I walked there and back, it was a beautiful day. We spent the rest of the day in the garden spending nothing, polished off the best juice in the world.

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