My aim


My aim is to live and experiment in simplicity to let natural cycles grow through my soul. It’s not only an ethical ideology our future depends on a sustainable blueprint, I want to let go of the modern lifestyle and re-educate myself. Learn the skills that are almost forgotten.

I live with my partner and son in leeds with a decent size back garden on the edge of the city. After moving for the past few years we finally have a place to call our own.

13 thoughts on “My aim

  1. dibnah says:

    Sorry everybody but Ive deleted all your comments from here.

  2. smallholder says:

    The picture of your garden looks great! It’s helped me to remember what I am trying to achieve and give me some inspiration. All I have is grass, grass, grass; no actual plants, and the only trees are a couple of pines!

  3. dibnah says:

    When I started 8 years ago thats all we had too. Grass, a concrete path, washing line and no real boundry.

    I only got rid of the last patch of grass last year. There is still room for improvement and I’m no expert my knowledge comes from lots and lots of mistakes.

  4. SoapBoxTech says:

    This is great. Thanks for sharing your efforts and learning.

  5. Jamie Pierce says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, there is much that others can learn from people like you.

    Life is an adventure, so make it a bloody good one!

    Sustainability and simpler living is something that we also aspire to.

    Thanks for writing your blog.

  6. dibnah says:

    I’m glad you found something of interest thanks for looking.

  7. littlehousesouthernprairie says:

    Good blog, thanks for sharing! Will be back for more updates. I’m starting an adventure like this myself and enjoy reading other folks’ stories on the Web.

  8. aimee lucas says:

    Hi, came across your blog by accident and loved reading it, sounds like you keep yourself really busy. Id love to have the time but find myself struggling to juggle a job and an allotment never mind the dream house you seem to have landed yourself…all that space…all that sorry to read that you are having to move out, sounds like you are going to miss it. How do you make what you are doing pay so that you could afford to live in such a place, i read in one of your earlier blogs that you applied for a job but dont know if you are working or selling your wares from your curious because this is something i would really like to do and want to know how. Hope you get your dream place in the end.

  9. dibnah says:

    thanks, we managed to find a place that we could afford between four of us, so it was quite reasonable. It was just a lucky find really. However things change and I’d like a place of my own and that I can make my own mark on without having to please a landlord. Also the fuel bills here are crazy, £1000+ to fill the oil tank!
    I don’t make any money from selling anything we make yet but hopefully in the future that will change.
    Juggling working for money and having enough spare time for everything is always difficult, I’ve still not managed it yet.

  10. kimsarahtillyer says:

    I found your blog through the Dorset Cereals thing, yours has been the only one I’ve actually read after browsing around for ages! I think I’ll keep popping back to find out how you’re doing so keep writing.

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  12. Andy Mahoney says:

    Tons of questions! Is this blog still active? Sounds like something I would love to read on a regular basis. Also I lived in Leeds for the first 31 years of my life! I now live in Lincolnshire and I run a website about Self Sufficiency, Renewable Energy & Low Impact Living Also where is the old house that you would love to live in? It looks great!

    • dibnah says:

      Im going to start posting again, just so busy at the moment but I miss doing it. Thanks for the boost!

      That house is in Sutton on Sea, on the coast in Lincolnshire.

      I’ll check out your website

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