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festELVI 2015 a garden celebration


Last summer we had our first garden festival, FestELVI ! celebrating all that is good about summer, food, birthdays, veg patches and sick making hippy nonsense. Tents were erected, bunting hung from the trees and a bar built from 100% recycled wood dealt out summer cocktails all night long with a merry bunch of revelers partying into the wee small hours.

Elvi is my Barbara in my ‘good life’, a stubbornly creative, fiercely talented woman who has brought a ray of sunshine to my life, don’t say anything but I’m quite smitten. 

DIY cold frame

Spent most of the day transforming some old windows and scaffolding planks into a cold frame. With the price of a shop bought one anything from £100 – £500 it’s crazy not to make your own. I’ve been really struggling the last couple of years trying to make do without or cobble something together with polythene- which always looks grubby, why make your garden look like an allotment? I’m a strong believer in Permaculture design but don’t see why it always has to look shabby. Up to now this first one has cost nothing, the second will need approximately £15’s worth of extra scaffolding planks, everything else I’ve got in the shed- rewards of being a womble.



I’ve painted the inside white to reflect the light and the outside green as it was a little stark white, although I am a little worried it looks a bit national trust, ah well I’ll just charge an entry fee next in future.

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Free front door


On our way home last night I noticed this beauty propped up at the side of a house up the street, a screech of brakes and a few silver tonged words and it was mine! The guy was going to skip it as he’s had all new PVC installed.

That”s fine I guess but it seems a shame to get rid of something that gives so much character to a house. At the moment we have a PVC door which although lets in lots of light is ugly as sin and I’ve been wanting to replace it with an original since we moved in. Considering some start at £500 and go up to £1000 I feel smug with my freebee. I like that it is exactly the style that our house would have had and even possibly from the same place?

The only problem is that the PVC installers have split the frame at the bottom of the door (muppets) ripping it off the wall. I’m sure it won’t be to tough to repair though, *hopes*. I wonder how many of these classics get skipped every year? I just don’t get it.

Anyway who cares? all I need to do now is work out what colour to paint it.

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