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June in the kale yard


First sun of june here this morning, making the most of it before more rain at the weekend, yawn boring, sometimes I think the weather and slugs are in league together. Without being too bold I think *whispers* I’ve not suffered too much slug damage this year but it’s not over yet. In other news the plums are swelling nicely, our first in three years, the quince has failed to set any fruit but most other things are growing well, I put it down to horse shit.

Gardens looking lush




For the first year the gardens really looking lush everythings growing well and there is still loads to put in. Looks like all the fruit trees will be having a crop this year, so that means Quince and Plums as well as apples and Medlars, I’m very excited about our first ever plum and quince crop. My only niggle is that it’s a little too green, must remember to add more flowers for next year, not that I don’t like the jungle look.

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Elephant hawk moth finally hatched


This beautiful moth has been doing whatever it does inside it’s chrysalis for the past 8 months, sat on my sons bedside table almost forgotten about. Yesterday morning though as I came out of the bedroom the jar was at the top of the stairs with two very interested cats. It’s almost unbelievable that something so large and beautiful comes from something so small.

Tree studies


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DIY cold frame

Spent most of the day transforming some old windows and scaffolding planks into a cold frame. With the price of a shop bought one anything from £100 – £500 it’s crazy not to make your own. I’ve been really struggling the last couple of years trying to make do without or cobble something together with polythene- which always looks grubby, why make your garden look like an allotment? I’m a strong believer in Permaculture design but don’t see why it always has to look shabby. Up to now this first one has cost nothing, the second will need approximately £15’s worth of extra scaffolding planks, everything else I’ve got in the shed- rewards of being a womble.



I’ve painted the inside white to reflect the light and the outside green as it was a little stark white, although I am a little worried it looks a bit national trust, ah well I’ll just charge an entry fee next in future.

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