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Headingley Guerilla Herb Garden

Thanks to a tweet from Richard Reynolds yesterday evening a friend and I found ourselves at the rock and roll end of horticulture having our photos taken by Paul Harris for 2020Vision. Well OK it’s not like being photographed falling off a toilet at Glastonbury but it was fun. Guerilla Gardening is as much about raising peoples awareness of the fact that they live in a world that they are part of not separate from. It’s also about the ownership of space these are public places, the clue is in the title, we need to remind ourselves that we do have ownership of these places not from a “I pay my taxes” view point but that it’s where I live where I walk past everyday why don’t we take pride and responsibility in these spaces as much as our homes.





Anyway I’m ranting, this was an unloved planter outside the Arndale Centre in Headingley, Leeds. I wanted to turn it into a veg box so I’ve started to plant herbs, Rosemary, Thyme and Egyptian Walking Onions because I love them. Hope fully I can add to this as the season allows. If anyone is in the area please feel free to add what you like.

I thought the idea of making it a veg box compliments the local eateries like Greggs and Pizza Express, oh I feel another rant coming………..

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new age travelers video

this is a great video about the rise of the new age traveler movement from it’s early beginnings in the 60’s to today.

new age travellers

Ben Law – Grand Designs vote


Channel 4 is asking viewers to vote for their favourite 25 Greatest Grand Designs.

The programme’s celebrity fans, tv critics and experts all have their view, but there is also a public vote.

If you have seen the programme featuring our author Ben Law we would love you to visit the Grand Designs site today and vote for Ben’s remarkable woodland house design and build.

Visit the link below, which has a summary of each of the programmes, and register your vote for Ben’s home at SUSSEX: THE WOODSMAN’S COTTAGE:

The results will be unveiled during Grand Designs Live television event on Channel 4 from May 4th-9th.

Visit Ben’s website ( for the latest details of his Open Days, courses, books and news.

guerrilla gardening

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Have you ever walked down the street and felt sad for all the unwanted spaces that are just left vandalized and filled with rubbish? Did you wish that somebody would do something about it? well you know as well as I do that it’s never going to happen so why not take control and do something about it yourself?

Guerrilla gardening is political gardening, a form of nonviolent direct action, primarily practiced by environmentalists. Activists take over an abandoned piece of land which they don’t own to grow crops or plants. The practices are non- violent, unlike guerrilla warfare that can cause bloodshed. Guerrilla gardeners believe in reclaiming land from perceived neglect or misuse and assigning a new purpose for it.

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Guerrilla gardeners will sometimes carry out their actions late at night geared up with gardening gloves, watering cans, compost, seeds and plants. They plant and sow a new vegetable patch or flowering garden. Others will work more openly, actively seeking to engage with members of the local community, as illustrated in the examples that follow.

Firstly you need to identify a piece of unwanted ground, perhaps an old allotment or even a planter in the precinct. Think about how much better you would feel with it filled with plants and looking like it was cared for. Even if you just scatter some seed here and there you are taking control of your environment, which you have every right to do. You don’t need to dig up a roudabout, even a few bulbs under a road sign make a difference.

Perhaps get together with a group of friends, I’ll bet that there are more people than you think out there who care about there environment. There is a community where you can advertise your planned attack, here

Many people are already out there doing it, however many of then choose a more decorative approach to their plans and don’t always choose suitable plants for the environment they are plated in. I want to encourage the use of edible plants, perennials and fruiting trees, and use permaculture principals to cheer up unwanted spaces but also make them productive.

If there is anybody who feels like lending a helping hand get in touch.

best blog of the day award

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thankyou whoever nominated me best blog of the day. best blog of the day and in the local paper in the same week, watch this space.