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Wild garlic


Even though spring is slow to get up and running in the garden the hedge row seems to be catching up that means the foragers larder is open. I’m no expert but I love how i can stride with confidence into a woodland and pick wild garlic or Ramsons as we call them. They are so easy to find and identify, normally the fragrance gives them away first. Just be careful that you’ve not picked lords and ladies which is not good for you, the leaf shape is different more heart shaped.

There is a million things you can do with them just use your imagination I’ve just had them on toast with cheese, easy tasty breakfast.


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Garden April 3


Looking up



Looking down


Had a break from the garden for a few days, it’s just been so cold, solid and unmoving but with the clocks the weather seems to be changing little by little bright sunny mornings help the mood.


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Garden march 27



A little splash of colour poking through as the snow begins again. It’s real BBC Dickensian snow today, light and drifting through the garden rather than falling from the sky.

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