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Economy drive DAY 6

horsforth farmers market

Today was a bit of a tough one we needed essential supplies ‘toilet roll’ and it was also Horsforth farmers market, which is new and I feel I want to support it. With thrift in my heart I set off, the supermarket was easy milk,toilet roll, toothpaste £4;75 a knock to the budget again but will last all next week too.

The farmers market is a different story, do I just walk by? do I just browse? no I hate browsing I’m off in. Horsforth farmers market is a small but growing one this being about the 4th one. How could I not show solidarity Ohh and they have duck eggs!

I bought

6 duck eggs – to make a cake, and please a 9 year old.

2 goose eggs – to please a poorly girlfriend

1 bottle of apple and raspberry juice – probably the best juice in the world

1 jar of honey – literally from around the corner, and chatted bee keeping possibilities

5 leeks – because I like leeks.

coming to a total of £10:30

Do i feel guilty? a little, do I care? no, I’ve a bag of organic local produce, my cash went straight to the supplier, I chatted food and bee keeping, I walked there and back, it was a beautiful day. We spent the rest of the day in the garden spending nothing, polished off the best juice in the world.

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sod swine flu what about the bees !!!

The news is filled once again with panic inducing ratings catchers. The BBC just announced that the government is about to send a leaflet to every house in the country concerning swine flu! Which as we all know is a direct reaction to all the media attention.

Again and again we see our attentions forced in the wrong direction. 30% of Europe’s 13.6 million hives died last year and the cause is still not recognized. It’s blamed on modern farming techniques,pesticides and a parasitic mite. More alarmingly this has been going on year after year and is getting worse.

Some people may argue that a persons health is more important than an insect. Depending on which one you are might be true but the simple fact is that without the humble honey bee we would be in much greater trouble globally than any swine pandemic could cause.

It just goes to prove that our government is more concerned with keeping the chemical industries happy than farmers of a system we can ill afford to do without.

To control swine flu means that we keep our reliance and addiction to the chemical and pharmicutical industries, a cure means profit. To control the decline of the honey bee means turning our back on modern farming and the industries which dominate and reducing our reliance meaning less profit.