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Headingley Guerilla Herb Garden

Thanks to a tweet from Richard Reynolds yesterday evening a friend and I found ourselves at the rock and roll end of horticulture having our photos taken by Paul Harris for 2020Vision. Well OK it’s not like being photographed falling off a toilet at Glastonbury but it was fun. Guerilla Gardening is as much about raising peoples awareness of the fact that they live in a world that they are part of not separate from. It’s also about the ownership of space these are public places, the clue is in the title, we need to remind ourselves that we do have ownership of these places not from a “I pay my taxes” view point but that it’s where I live where I walk past everyday why don’t we take pride and responsibility in these spaces as much as our homes.





Anyway I’m ranting, this was an unloved planter outside the Arndale Centre in Headingley, Leeds. I wanted to turn it into a veg box so I’ve started to plant herbs, Rosemary, Thyme and Egyptian Walking Onions because I love them. Hope fully I can add to this as the season allows. If anyone is in the area please feel free to add what you like.

I thought the idea of making it a veg box compliments the local eateries like Greggs and Pizza Express, oh I feel another rant coming………..

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new age travelers video

this is a great video about the rise of the new age traveler movement from it’s early beginnings in the 60’s to today.

new age travellers

sod swine flu what about the bees !!!

The news is filled once again with panic inducing ratings catchers. The BBC just announced that the government is about to send a leaflet to every house in the country concerning swine flu! Which as we all know is a direct reaction to all the media attention.

Again and again we see our attentions forced in the wrong direction. 30% of Europe’s 13.6 million hives died last year and the cause is still not recognized. It’s blamed on modern farming techniques,pesticides and a parasitic mite. More alarmingly this has been going on year after year and is getting worse.

Some people may argue that a persons health is more important than an insect. Depending on which one you are might be true but the simple fact is that without the humble honey bee we would be in much greater trouble globally than any swine pandemic could cause.

It just goes to prove that our government is more concerned with keeping the chemical industries happy than farmers of a system we can ill afford to do without.

To control swine flu means that we keep our reliance and addiction to the chemical and pharmicutical industries, a cure means profit. To control the decline of the honey bee means turning our back on modern farming and the industries which dominate and reducing our reliance meaning less profit.

climate camp 09

Here’s a photo from the front line yesterday. Apparently the police moved them off later and campers where left to seek refuge in squats.

climate camp 09


Nature doesn’t do bailouts!

2008 saw the biggest Climate Camp to date and the most incredible array of direct action against climate change on record.

In 2009, we’re focusing on the fact that the failed economic system has caused climate change, and that proposals to use similar systems to address climate change – at the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December and elsewhere – are doomed to fail. We will be actively opposing these attempts and promoting alternatives – starting in City of London on 1st April.