economy drive day 5

Today was a tough one as I had to travel to Scunthorpe on the train to go to a meeting to deal with my mother’s bedroom tax, then pick up my son and get the train back to Leeds. It’s a journey we take twice a week there and back, there and back. It’s tough on time and bank balance, we normally drive which costs about £40 a week in petrol and £60+ if we took the train so sadly most of the time public transports out.

I do quite like traveling by train, you get to read a book or look at the countryside or listen to a loud executive on the phone so very relaxing. It’s the stations that tempt the thrifty traveler what can you do when there’s 20 minutes to wait? look round the overpriced snacks obviously. Proudly I resisted, knowing that mother would have a full fridge helped.

The meeting went well but only seemed to succeed in arranging another. Then comes the hard part a 9 year old. I tried to feed and water him before we left my mothers, knowing that as soon as we got to the station he’d be desperate for one or the other. When we got there he of course was. I reminded him of the thrift situation and he took it quite well asking me how I’d done and if there was enough food for breakfast, all very mature. However having to get a bus as the trains are not working and then that bus getting stuck in a traffic jam didn’t help. Then missing the connecting train leaving us a 30 minute wait did no better, I crumpled and bought him a drink, the cheapest £1:35 ! we huddled round that orange drink like it was a decadent fire.

The train was slightly delayed, did I say I like traveling by train? well I do but the bits in between drive me crazy, all I want is a packet of crisps to take the pain away or a Ginsters to rub my back and tell me it’s all going to be ok. i resist like a true English man i the face of their evil snack based regime.

We finally get off the last train at 7:50 I’m tired, hungry and dragging a smaller version of myself with me. I crumple as I walk past the shop I walk in and buy a bottle of Rioja £5. Weakness and routine have taken over.

Today’s total £6:35 not including essential travel.


2 thoughts on “economy drive day 5

  1. Shed says:

    Bums, I tried to leave a comment but it vanished I think! Start again…

    Have you come across this chap Writes all about living on disability allowance. Really lovely person, brutally honest about living with crippling depression, fantastic writer too.

    It sounds like the gods of transport were well and truly against you! I think you did well under the circumstances…

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