economy drive day 4

I would not say that we have got the hang of it but apart from £1:70 travel today was another relatively cash free day. lunch prepared and dinner leftover stew and baked potatoes with enough food in cupboards and the freezer to make numerous meals.

Ive really been taking stock ‘literally’ of the food we have and without giving a list it contains one large cupboard filled with preserves many from 2010, pickles, jams, chutneys mainly. Loads of dry food, rice, pasta, noodles, beans. What seems like endless half bags of different flour and sugars, daily supplies of eggs and best of all fresh winter greens. I start to wonder where the money goes? Meat, fish, cheese, milk etc are the obvious answer but it still doesn’t seem to add up to food bills of £70/80 + a week.

A drink in the evening obviously adds up during the week, I guess this is one of the tough ones, we don’t go out much so having a drink in the evening some nights and religiously on a friday as if it were set in stone, is a welcome treat, not essential but thats probably the problem. Much of what we buy at the supermarket is a treat rather than a meal. We are used to treating ourselves, we deserve it don’t we? but when did snacks become the way we treat ourselves?

99% of the time we cook from scratch creating food we love together, it’s a pleasure and we all enjoy it, so why do I still reach for quick snacks? Does it really save time? it certainly doesn’t save me money. Its just laziness i admit it, things must change.

I do really like Kettle crisps and Fentamens Curiosity Cola though.

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2 thoughts on “economy drive day 4

  1. ianbolton says:

    Was that a quattro-staggioni you ordered sir? Coming right up!

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