the economy drive DAY2

Ok this is getting beyond a joke. After yesterdays pathetic attempt I decided to try and claw back some dignity and bake some bread, wholesome, fresh, organic and smug, or so I thought. As the two loafs were slowly ballooning in the oven the phone rings, it’s a friend from uni, we’ve not spoken for a few weeks so gossip, sorry discuss life etc. As we chat he reminds me that regardless of my thrifty week we have to go into uni tomorrow! Pound signs flash in front of my eyes!! ££££££ just like that. Train, coffee, lunch, coffee, coffee, train home.

No it will be fine I’ll only spend the £2:50 for the train and take sandwiches for lunch with the bread I’m making………………..BREAD!!!!! Throwing down the phone shouting, almost killing  the cat does nothing to change the fact that the bread is burned. I softly weep.

This morning fairs no better, my OH takes the car as she has a cold as I crunch through what is not unpleasant burnt bread toast, perhaps a new fashion? but not yet ready for the world so I get the train lunchless.

They say that every cloud etc etc and mine was that I remembered that I have a check for £40 to put in the bank, perhaps were winning anyway? In theory that cancels out yesterday and makes me king of tuesday. well that is until I come home.

It was the trains fault, I missed it, it was the Co-op’s fault for being next door. I have 33 minutes to waste, I’ll just look at the reduced section, that’s all. In my defense everything I bought was on offer or reduced and all were necessary and stop us visiting the supermarket hopefully this week.

Ok I spent £14 on potatoes, olive oil, vegetable oil, broccoli, honey, tin foil, sausages and goats milk.

Bringing tuesdays grand total to £16:50

Meaning if added to yesterdays and taking away from the £40 check leaves about £2:30, and I forgot toilet rolls!

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4 thoughts on “the economy drive DAY2

  1. Z says:

    Hmm. Neither of you has taken on a commitment to this, have you?

    • dibnah says:

      It’s more of a wake up to how much money we spend each week without thinking and reminding ourselves to be better prepared. This was the point I didn’t want to plan out every day. Also a lot of these costs are unavoidable travel- it’s too far to bike to work/uni for example. I assure you that under the jokes I do really have a strong commitment to this otherwise I wouldn’t live like I do.

  2. Z says:

    I’m sorry, that sounded really rude and wasn’t intended to be – I wasn’t meaning you weren’t committed to your sustainable and ethical lifestyle, just the £20 per week living costs, that I certainly couldn’t manage either.

    • dibnah says:

      That’s ok no worries, I wanted a low figure as otherwise I wouldn’t see how hard it was. Also like most people we have a cupboard and freezer filled with food, most of which would last us a week or so easily. How much of my food do I really need? Do I need all these condiments? or all this juice? I’ve not even mentioned the ‘A’ word, booze!

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