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economy drive Day3

breakfastFinally a cash free day! I prepared myself, eggs from the bottom of the garden for breakfast- that’s from chickens not a new Tesco’s that’s popped up under the hedge. Lunch of pasta and store cupboard leftovers, all made and ready to go. There is also plenty of food for dinner later so no money need change hands today.

However that’s until we both have to leave the house, the car has been ruled out so the train it is. Here is my minor moral dilemma, not to sound like the Roger the Dodger of rail travel but sometimes on the 2 stop, 7 minute trip nobody checks your ticket. Meaning a saving of possibly £5 for the two of us. My OH decides to buy a return for £2:50 while I take a chance. We take the train get off nobody checks, I’m up but feel a little of a cheat. the day runs smoothly apart from a need to print some work, at a cost of 20p! my throat tightens, until a friend offers to print them as I did it last time, I sigh with relief and eat my lunch. Serendipitously while sharing the lift with the tea tray lady I cheekily ask if there are any biscuits left? to my delight there is a whole plate full which she kindly gives me, it feels like a very small victory.

I meet my OH in the park on the way home and we get the train together home again due to the rammed train no checks, I’ve had a completely free day without having to resort to a radical lifestyle change.

* disclaimer- I normally buy a train ticket

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the economy drive DAY2

Ok this is getting beyond a joke. After yesterdays pathetic attempt I decided to try and claw back some dignity and bake some bread, wholesome, fresh, organic and smug, or so I thought. As the two loafs were slowly ballooning in the oven the phone rings, it’s a friend from uni, we’ve not spoken for a few weeks so gossip, sorry discuss life etc. As we chat he reminds me that regardless of my thrifty week we have to go into uni tomorrow! Pound signs flash in front of my eyes!! ££££££ just like that. Train, coffee, lunch, coffee, coffee, train home.

No it will be fine I’ll only spend the £2:50 for the train and take sandwiches for lunch with the bread I’m making………………..BREAD!!!!! Throwing down the phone shouting, almost killing  the cat does nothing to change the fact that the bread is burned. I softly weep.

This morning fairs no better, my OH takes the car as she has a cold as I crunch through what is not unpleasant burnt bread toast, perhaps a new fashion? but not yet ready for the world so I get the train lunchless.

They say that every cloud etc etc and mine was that I remembered that I have a check for £40 to put in the bank, perhaps were winning anyway? In theory that cancels out yesterday and makes me king of tuesday. well that is until I come home.

It was the trains fault, I missed it, it was the Co-op’s fault for being next door. I have 33 minutes to waste, I’ll just look at the reduced section, that’s all. In my defense everything I bought was on offer or reduced and all were necessary and stop us visiting the supermarket hopefully this week.

Ok I spent £14 on potatoes, olive oil, vegetable oil, broccoli, honey, tin foil, sausages and goats milk.

Bringing tuesdays grand total to £16:50

Meaning if added to yesterdays and taking away from the £40 check leaves about £2:30, and I forgot toilet rolls!

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pig husbandry

Excellent video, beautifully filmed just watch it

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The economy drive, DAY 1


“That’s the last straw! we’re going on an economy drive.”

I’m not sure if the rest of the house got the reference, perhaps I watched too much TV as a child but I don’t care I’ve had enough. I can’t seem to blink without spending money at the moment. I know that  food, mortgage, warmth and the car all need paying for and I’m not about to live in a cave drawing Eastender’s on the wall and eating nuts but it’s getting too much, even when we all agreed on Sunday to survive on £20 this week (not including bills) it’s day one and we’ve failed! and that’s my point life’s getting too expensive.

We had agreed on living on £20 for the week, just as an experiment, to see what happened, to see where the money goes. It’s not so scary it takes a little commitment but not much danger, there’s probably more food in the house than I realize and I could probably do without a lot of things (keep repeating booze is not an essential..)

Here’s what happened, my OH get’s downstairs, there’s no porridge, cereal and she’s gluten free so no toast, so she has scrambled egg, using 3 of the six eggs we have- the chickens are not laying as regular at the moment. She then decides to get the train instead of driving to work which cost around £8 a week instead of £20 petrol. Ok at this point we’re winning.

As she leaves the house I realize she has not taken a packed lunch! First fail. I think ah well that’s OK she’s saving on the train and not using the car, until I remember it’s the last night of her upholstery class, meaning she needs to drive there and pay £12:50 for the class. Cutting a huge hole in the £20 budget.

I’m at home all day, so get the stove on and live like a Hobbit in the front room, boiling the kettle and making both breakfast and dinner on the stove, trying to feel that it’s making a difference. I use 2 eggs bread, pasta found at the back of the cupboard and the remains of pesto in the fridge.

We have what feels a decadent dinner of roast beef and the trimmings – bought at the weekend- my OH admits to spending £2:50 on her dinner but drops the bombshell of £3:99 on cough medicine!

Bringing Mondays grand total to £20:69

69p more than what we agreed to live on for the week. I can see that this is going to be tougher than I thought. in the words of Sid James “If you’ve got it spend it and if you ain’t got it, get it!”

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