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Water water everywhere and not a bite to eat!


Well you don’t need me to tell you what a miserable summer it’s been, our garden is nothing if not a prime example of a almost failed year. I’d all but given up, the battles with cold, wet and giant killer slugs from outer space had all ended in defeat. I did six sowings of beans, six! Most things are hanging on but more to fill the gaps rather than my belly, I’m beaten but what’s that on the horizon? Could it be? Is it?
Yes it’s, it’s BRASSICAS !!
The Kale Yard has lived up to its name again, the brassicas have brought me back from the brink. Now my sanity has been restored and as I take a less jaded look around the veg patch there are actually quite a lot of successes. All the soft fruits have done well along with the rhubarb. The apples and plums are plumping up nicely and the Triffid like Jerusalem artichokes are unstoppable.

Which makes me think actually amongst all the failures there is hope but more importantly lessons to be learned. All the perennials are almost unaffected as usual and the fruit even though not as good as some years is putting on healthy growth for next year.

So I’ve no tomatoes for the first time ever and there is no fear from drowning in courgettes so again I ask myself do I care? Well a little but it just confirms my desire to grow more unusual and perennial veg, in the words of Mark Diacono ” life’s too short to grow boring veg.” it’s true and also more practical, if we’d had three months of non stop sun the veg patch would be in just as hammered.

The weather is always going to be there and more often than not, not what we wanted, so what do we do? Cry about it? Or Grow Perennials and Carry On? I’m still pissed off about the beans though.

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