Beach life

Having your grand parents live by the sea must be one of the greatest pleasures of life. The freedom to explore the coastline coupled with being spoilt rotten on your return. I think it’s the only place where I can truly relax an the stresses of life drift away on the tide.

This week has been no exception I sit with my back to the sun listening to the sound of cooking and the silence of a sleepy village. I think I regress slightly and family becomes more important than ever and I encourage my never ageing gran to recount stories of characters like great uncle Ginger the poacher and his constantly heaving table of food or the Sloop captain and great grandad Clark who worked in a walled garden.





This house is where I’ve wanted to live all my life right next to the beach, part of it being made from old railway carriages.

I’ve also as always been out foraging trying to catch razor clams for which there are thousands but can I get them can I buggery! But it never stops me trying. It’s all part of the joy of this place the fun and exploration is no different to that which I did as a child just with a different focus- usually my stomach.


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