Garden formalities


I don’t know when I decided on such a formal layout for the mail part of the garden, which is also the veg patch so therefore the most important part of the garden for us. I think part of it is wanting to recreate a cross between the feeling I had when working into the courtyard gardens of Valldemossa monastery in Majorca, a Victorian walled garden and French potager. A little grand for a semi in the suburbs of Leeds never!

formality seems to be unpopular in design but gardens which hold beautiful examples of formal excellence seem as popular as ever. There seems to be no retro for garden design like fashion. I’m not saying I want rockeries or crazy paving back- although I quite like crazy paving.

Many people who have been too see the garden taking shape have said “it’s very formal” almost as if I’ve missed it or it’s wrong. I think that a formal space works better on a small space giving the garden seasonal interest and definition. Call me what you like I can take it, I’m keeping my formality.

Ok there is also a little bit of the wannabe English gent about me too hence the ridiculous facial hair but pish and twiddle to it.

“I’ll have a cup of cocoa, cold veal and ham pie, slice of fruit cake, and a macaroon. Same for you, Bertie?”

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