It’s finally that time of year again

Finally after the long dark of winter and the planning and designing on the kitchen table is done, it’s time to get out the seed trays and select those seeds needing a long season.

Artichoke Green Globe
Broad Bean Masterpiece green longpod
Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia
Broccoli purple sprouting early
Brussels Sprout Doric
Celery Tall Utah
Jalapeño early
Pea Deuce Provence
Pea Feltham First

It’s great to make a start on the growing year, breaking the long winter doldrums. It’s feeling more like a cycle now as this is the second year here, so I’m not only planting broccoli and Brussels but picking them too.

Last year was a little disappointing possibly the weather but more likely the lack of good gardening practice. I didn’t manure the ground hoping that it was fertile enough having only been lawn before but I think that was a mistake. Most things grew but either too slow or never got to a decent size. Disappointing but lesson learned.


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