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Native spade snapping

First job of the year planting a native hedge for security and loveliness. Managed to talk the client out of leylandi hedge thank goodness saving another gardener a troublesome task. Gardening jobs are so often not this enjoying, perusing through plants and figuring out how to make a random planting scheme look random. The joys looking at cherry plums and crab apples the tears, breaking my favourite spade on an old pine root. Oh the agony I just stood and held the two pieces and wept. You have seen me through many years old friend.



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The postman the hen and the phone box

Having lived here for a year and a half today is the first time I’ve spoken to the postman. We chatted and the conversation obviously turned to birds. I thought I’d butter him up so I gave him some eggs, not sure what I’m getting into his good books for he still has to deliver the gas bill. However the meeting was not totally one sided apparently a neighbour -who has a red phone box in his back garden- has been moaning that you can’t get fresh eggs anymore, well call me the weaver but I see an opportunity there. Eggs for cash I wonder if it’ll catch on?


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The kitchen ceiling just fell in!!!! Well only a bit but enough to make me scream when I walked through the door, well that’s another job

First shoots of the year

First seedlings of the year popping their little heads out of the soil. It truly feels like the start of the year.


thats great progress for just 8 days, each veg seems to be showing signs of life.

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Dirty Friday afternoon

A glorious afternoon spent up to my turn ups in glorious compost and the best part of it was that it was all free. 20+ bags for nothing more than some shovel action.

Thank you Bardon grange project for the key ingredient in my successful growing year.


this one was no help and the smile was just for the camera

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