making cider vinegar


I’d love to say that the reason that all the cider we made in 2008 still is to be drunk is that we are only modest drinkers but that just not the case, it is and I’m thinking in gastronomic terms here, a bit cat pissy. Now that’s not to say that it’s undrinkable but it seems to have positioned itself in the emergency booze category along with that stuff in the strange bottle that I don’t know where it came from but gets that funny stain out of the toilet.

I digress, as I’m from a long line of waste not want not’s the natural thing to do is turn it into a superior product. Now I have in the past transformed what is an acquired taste cider into very pleasant apple brandy, by freeze distilling-which actually is my most popular post- but I wanted to have a go at something different.

Cider vinegar is a must in our kitchen so I having a go at making my own and at about £4 for an organic bottle, I’m hoping to save money too.

Now there are many ways of fermenting alcohol into vinegar some more complex than others but I was coming from the point of ‘if you build it they will come’ or if you let the air to it, the Acetobacter, the vinegar bacteria present in the air, will attack the alcohol in the cider and convert it into acetic acid or vinegar, with just patience and without needing Kevin Costner. That’s a ‘Field of dreams’ joke, sorry never mind…

Here’s what I did,
Nearly fill a large jar with 6% cider, (about 2.5ltrs) this cider is completely natural, just apple juice and time.
Leave enough space for adding a little cider vinegar, at 6% or more and unpasteurized, this so I’ve read, should aid the fermentation as the natural bacteria should still be present. I used Aspall organic cider vinegar. I added about 200ml.
Put a piece of cloth over the top and secure with an elastic band.
Leave in a warm place out of direct sunlight, mine is in the cupboard above the oven.

I’ve read that you need to add this and that or keep stirring but I’ve not. I will check it every month, I’m thinking it will take two to three months. It has already become a little hazy and there’s a white mold on the surface as there should be. I think if you brew any type of alcohol you should have a go at vinegars too.


4 thoughts on “making cider vinegar

  1. I’m so glad you visited my blog as it’s given me an opportunity to discover yours.
    I’m trying to make wine vinegar with all the left over wine from each dinner at The Underground Restaurant. I’m just pouring the dregs into a pottery crock next to the Aga, covering it with cheese cloth
    I found an apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ some of which I poured in too. I hope this will work. It was very difficult to find ‘mother’.

  2. Z says:

    If you want to drink the cider, you could try mulling it. I find the cider that the local club makes is a bit hard to take, but warmed up with spices it’s a lot more palatable.

  3. dibnah says:

    HI there I found yours MM through shedlikesfood friend of a friend. That should work with the vinegar making I think! In the good old days they would just leave cider out in the orchard in a barrel with holes in and it would just turn to vinegar.

    My partner and I are thinking of starting a supper club when we’ve moved they seem to be a little thin on the ground up north.

    I must admit to laughing out loud reading your posts about your teenage daughter, my sons only six so we just disagree on whos going to pick up the lego at the moment.

  4. dibnah says:

    your right Z mulling it probably better but it seems only a thing to do at parties or at the festive season. I’ll reserve a batch for mulling next time.

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