More poultry problems

After last weeks attack on the chickens I’ve been on my guard but was not expecting what would happen next. I let the chickens out as normal carrying their food round to the back of the house as there has been quite a few rats round the coop and I thought this might control it a bit.

I’d gone back inside to make the morning brew and it was a while before I noticed that Allen (the cockerel) was not about, I started to panic a bit as the memory of last week was still fresh, sadly when I looked in the coop he was laying there dead.

I checked the body no sign of attack or injury it was very strange. It had been very cold that night but it has been colder. My farmer friend said that it is something you have to get used to, he’s right there not pets there farm animals working for me. I was still quite upset though when I buried him.


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