rabbits out veg in

Finally the rabbit proof fence is up and hopefully going to keep the pesky little wabbits at bay. Luckily there was already a path around the veg patch so the chicken wire only had to bet tucked under the slabs rather than digging a trench. In true simplicity style the majority of the fence was begged stole or borrowed. Some wire was donated to the cause some was recycled from around the garden and only one section had to bought, the posts too were collected from around the garden so the whole thing cost only about £10.


There’s still a fair amount of digging to be done but the main area has been cleared and the turf removed. We’ve decided to paper mulch most of the beds as it cuts down on weeding which suits me fine.

Cabbages lettuce onions kale beetroot and french beans are already in and apart from one mystery attack the fence seems to be working. I think it’s either mice or squirrels! I’ve put wire netting along the front to deter the chickens from jumping over for a snack.


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