cider update

Right first I’ll stop saying update. I just wanted to mention that last years cider has finally been bottled! After 6 months of very slow brewing. I think this was mainly for two reasons, one- our last house was so cold it rarely got above 15c (how do you do degrees C on the computer?) in the kitchen. Two- This years scrumpy- yet to be named- had no added ingredients, so just relied on natural yeasts present in the peel of the apples.

I can truly say that this year it’s completely organic and best of all never cost a penny. It was so pleasing to make use of a natural unused resource which would have otherwise just rotted away.

I’m going to leave it as long as possible this time as the taste I’ve noticed improves with age, however this will depend upon when the next part is as I’m sure it’ll be sniffed out.


One thought on “cider update

  1. Dave Mac says:

    To do a degrees sign [ref degrees celcius]
    press and hold alt button.
    type 0176 on number pad.
    release alt button.
    these alt cuts give you a selection of shorts.

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