chicken update

Well their getting used to their new surroundings, we’ve let them have the run of the garden but they seem to like the cover of the hedgerow at the moment. This suits me fine as it’s near to the house and has a solid high fence behind it.

It’s great to watch them graze for free all day and they have done a great job of hoovering up the Japanese cherry blossom. I hope it’s not bad for them as that seems to be 50% of their diet at the moment. Their currently having a protein fix in the newly dug potato bed.

Sadly though they are still to lay, I’ve been checking the hedgerow in case they’ve been laying away from home but nothing. I’ve been keeping them in the run until about noon as I’ve read this makes sure they’ve finished laying but still nothing. I must say I’m really disappointed, everything at the moment seems to need paying for, I’m not feeling sustainable yet.


2 thoughts on “chicken update

  1. eagoodlife says:

    Takes a while for them to settle sometimes, be patient.They lay on a 25 hour cycle so keeping them in until noon doesn’t actually work.They’ll know what’s good for them and conversely, bad.Trust!

  2. dibnah says:

    ok thanks for that. They seem to be steadily getting into a routine they follow me expecting food which is funny. I just want free scrambled egg!!

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