first time smallholder

A cock crowing in the morning is one of the most familiar sounds of the country, thats the sound that woke me this morning but just before I could drift off on a daydream I remember that it’s mine and the chickens need letting out. We’ve got our first livestock.


At the moment it consists of

2 x Maran’s
1 x Black Rock
1 x Isa Warren
1 x Sussex ( cock )

All at point of lay, except the cock of course.

They all look as nervous as I am but I’m sure they’ll settle in soon. We bought them from Edward W Boothman in Silsden, West Yorks. For the first few days their confined to quarters but we hope soon to be letting them run riot, I mean run free, round the garden.


In true permaculture fashion we renovated an old kennel for their coop, it was ideal and only needed a door on the front for added security.

We decided on having a cockerel as it’ll give us the opportunity to have chicks and so enlarging the flock and being able to raise some meat too. At the moment however we are only interested in eggs, enough for us and hopefully some surplus to sell on to help pay for their upkeep. Thinking like a small holder already.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, it brings together so much of the principals I stand by, keeping things local, ethical, sustainable and organic etc. Day by day our food miles are getting shorter and in the near future we will be responsible not only for their well being but the raising, killing and butchering of our own livestock. A commitment and an experience that I’m nervously looking forward too as well as feeling that this is something every meat eater should experience at least once in their life.


2 thoughts on “first time smallholder

  1. beingmaisie says:

    great setup you have there. I have 3, 3 week old chicks at present. 2 female hybrid Rhode island red crossed with light sussex and 1 unknown breed and unknown sex. I have just bought an eglu for them to live in and we are building a wooden walk-in run for them for later on. I wish you well with your flock and have added you to my blogroll


  2. dibnah says:

    thanks I wish they would get on and lay some eggs.

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