closer to the simple life

Well after years of talking about it, moaning and almost giving up hope I’ve finally made a step closer to the dream.

Me, my partner and two other friends are renting, what is to me a huge house with equally huge garden complete with fruit trees, green house, store workshop, kennels and a wood fire with back boiler.

The last few years seemed in many ways to missing a hands on approach, days spent looking out the window waiting for something to happen. Well now what’s out there is mine, well for the next year at least.

now I can get on with experiments in the simple life. Not that my ideology had ever changed but now it’s back to the practical hands dirty approach.


2 thoughts on “closer to the simple life

  1. Steel says:

    I couldn’t be more delighted for you. You’ve blogged before on your frustrations about where you live vs your dream, so it’s lovely to see you really going for it. Tell us a bit more about where it is, how you found it and your plans.

  2. dibnah says:

    Will do I’ve already done loads and plans coming out of my ears, thanks for reading.

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