from tree to tool

Here’s some more photo’s from my week in Strid woods at Bolton Abbey under the tuition of Richard Law, the current bodger in residence. Mornings were spent collecting the logs produced from the coppicing and stacking them close to the rides or back at the workshop where they are sorted into three different piles. One for fire wood, large logs but which are too knotty for turing, one for straight grained which is ideal for cleaving and turning and the smaller logs are stacked ready for a charcoal burn later in the year.

It’s such an amazing environment, as I stop to give my legs a rest I smell the ash wood smoke from the kelly kettle, I look across to the river watching dippers jump in and out looking for lunch. A deer walks casually through the trees, only briefly glancing in my direction, I feel part of something but more importantly I feel I belong.






richard Law's bodgery


wood mallet

The Mallet has an Ash handle, Elm head and the wedge is made from Oak. I’ve left the wedge proud for now to allow for shrinkage and will cut it off later.


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