a week in the woods


This week I’ll be under woodsman to Richard Law a woodsman and bodger working out the woods at Bolton Abbey. I came across his bodgery while walking through the woods a few weeks ago, found him out on the internet and offered to lend a hand in return for some turning tuition.

I done a little before but seem to make much more headway this time. Probably due to Richard’s heavy duty lathe. There’s a whole different aspect to working within the woods, not just the practicality but there is a sense of belonging.

The cycle of coppice and the transformation from tree to product still holds a little magic for me, you spend the day working and leave only with only what you need. It’s as if the whole process is catered for your benefit. The action keeps you warm the shavings heat the water in the Kelly kettle and each piece of wood seems to lend itself to one particular job or another. I’m hooked.

Find Richard’s website at flyingshavings.co.uk


One thought on “a week in the woods

  1. Z says:

    Great, do tell us about it afterwards.

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