coping without a garden

To be honest the initial excitement of moving into a new home, a new relationship, cold days and long nights, the lack of any real outside space was not at first an issue. We’d managed to get a share in an allotment plot which is just across the road and it seemed as though we’d been lucky.

However now spring has started to stir the senses I’m missing the connection with nature. We live in a back to back and the front door steps out onto the busy street. I have to convince myself daily that from a permaculture point of view it’s a good location, close to work, shops and a train line.

But as the buds are breaking so is my conviction. Whats worse is that this time last year I was on a 60acre farm, hence the break in the blogging. I miss not being able to have the door wide open all the time and step out to poodle about whenever I like.

There’s other issues too, rubbish, it takes on a whole new meaning when it under your nose 24/7. We, being good little greenies don’t have much but what we do produce takes up valuable space. Only having one room on the ground floor which is the living room and kitchen.

To put it out I need two sets of keys one for the door and one for the bin yard, which in reality means it stays in the kitchen longer than it should. The compost is the same luckily we have an allotment to compost it on but again need two sets of keys to dispose of it. The slightest hint of rain or breeze means it sits in bags festering.

Finally there’s the inability to make anything, I’m getting more involved in green woodwork but have nowhere to practice. Luckily having a creative partner filling the kitchen with wood shavings is allowed. But you can only go so far, spoons to be precise. We do have a cellar but its a little like being on the set of the poseidon adventure.

I’m sure some people can cope but I can’t we need to move, I demand a garden, we’ll talk about the workshop, woodland, yurts……………


2 thoughts on “coping without a garden

  1. Z says:

    I’d find that really hard too. Some years ago my daughter was living in a 4th floor flat and after a couple of days with her I was desperate to have an outside area to call our own. Later she had a flat with a balcony and that was fine.

  2. dibnah says:

    I’m on the look out for something perfect. Considering the co-op option too.

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