gorgeous birds

Just wanted to say how lucky I’ve been with birds recently. All right sorry, but in the last month or so I’ve seen two King Fisher’s, one last week at the river near Bolton Abbey and one the week before down by the canal near Horsforth. I can’t explain enough how over excited I was, not sure why.

While walking last month at Almscliffe Cragg not too far out of the city, we spotted a Red Kite, it was so graceful it rendered a rather loud mouth bunch speachless.

This morning we heard a screeching coming from across the road, being a nosey pair we took a look to find a Starling being pinned down by a Sparrow Hawk. It’s orange eyes darting from us and it’s prey. It seemed stuck for a way to despatch the starling without loosing an eye.

We left them to it, discussing how we’d get out of it if we were birds and how it’s strange to see birds eating birds and not so much fish eating fish.


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