BTCV courses

I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks with BTCV based at Hollybush in Leeds. After another failed job application I was feeling down but not getting the job was probably the best thing that happened as within a week I was re-reading Mike Abbott’s green woodworking and Ben Laws sustainable woodland management, there both great books. I contacted Mike Abbott as he runs a week in march setting up the woodland studio, alas he was booked up another blow.

I was not going to be beaten though, I found another set of courses run by CAT- centre for alternative technology, that begin in April. The one I fancy is coppice products, it’s 5 days and OCN level2, whatever that means.

It still left me impatient and frustrated so I looked for more, I remembered someone mentioning BTCV so I gave them a look. They run loads of courses all over the country. I found that the Leeds office is just down the road from me which was a bonus.

Sick of looking at the screen I went down and spoke to them, Basically you can go there almost every day of the week and help out with some type of conservation work some in schools and some on contract. While in the office I noticed two lists for courses. One for tree felling and one for hedge laying and all I needed to do was fill in my name and I was on it for free.

They were great courses and I learned a great deal from both, pictures when I’ve fixed my camera that I managed to drop. I’ve also volunteered coppicing a local woodland- Owlcoates plantation- chopping down trees to create stools, and allowing the stronger trees to have more space making them better timber trees.

If you have the time go and give your local BTCV a go.


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