Saturday 29th is buy nothing day again.

What even though the economy needs us? surely not

So it’s buy nothing day again, seen as I’m a militant hippy lefty I never buy or have a lot of money, so it often passes me buy if I’m honest, however this year it seems to have more relevance. With the recent economic down turn, the government is encouraging us to get out there spending to save the sinking ship. Like some roll out the barrel, dig for victory, before my time bullshit.

The government say that we should put aside our liberal guardian reading ideals for the moment as we rely on the economy to pay for services and benefits, which us liberal spongers also use. I’m not saying that this is not true but to be honest at the moment I’m not considering changing my views. This shift has been on the cards for a long while.

I’ve not yet had to tighten my belt even though I’ve noticed the slow rise in food prices. I live a certain way for many reasons many I feel are worth trying. I’m lucky that at the moment I can still do this buy choice some people are forced into changing lifestyles through unemployment etc. At the same time I find it hard to feel a great deal of sympathy for people struggling to pay a mortgage on a house they could barely afford in the first place. Also I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to make my way through Leeds city centre last saturday and if shear numbers are anything to go buy then the lemmings are still on course.

Those that bought into the capitalist consumer ideal have made their beds. I’ll not be changing my spending habits through any sense of national pride for something I never wanted to be part of. I can’t imagine feeling sad as high street shops close or supermarkets close. I must agree that the thought of little executives going hungry as Starbucks and Gregg’s close down is worrying but some how I always get to sleep some how.

People on a low wage out of a job is always a shame but just perhaps this will force radical change rather than coaxing the banks to start letting us plebs borrows more than we can ever hope to pay back just to keep the wheels turning.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 29th is buy nothing day again.

  1. Z says:

    I can’t help resenting the government baling out the banks and their highly paid executives while lower wage earners losing their jobs aren’t seen as important enough to save. I’ll keep my hand in my pocket this Saturday.

  2. dibnah says:

    Good news Z. Although I must admit I did end up buying a pint or two, sorry but I did’nt spend a penny all week up to then so I don’t feel too bad.

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