turning an old demijohn into a cloche

I discovered this method by accident a few years ago while trying to clean an old bottle. I found an old demijohn outside and well past being able to clean it and more wanting to try this out!!

It’s dead simple, get a washing up bowl and add really cold water enough to cover the bottom of the demijohn, about a couple of inches. Leave it in there for a while to make sure the base is nice and cold. Then just boil the kettle and pour in the boiling water. If your lucky it should crack instantly and the bottom just drop out. If not give it a twist.

There you have it instant mini green house, the best part is you recycle something thats otherwise useless and it won’t blow away like plastic bottles.


7 thoughts on “turning an old demijohn into a cloche

  1. Sarah says:

    wow, thats clever.
    now if only i made beer lol

  2. dibnah says:

    I’m just full of them today.

  3. cymraes says:

    Thats a VERY good idea!

    I shall be down at our local recycling centre tomorrow to find all the nasty unbrewablein demijohns I can find before the spring arrives and they all disappear!

    Thank you for that m’dear!

  4. mark says:

    hi very good i just tried it twice in fact it dose not work
    the iced water i used was very cooled .i left the demijohn
    in for 10 mins and then added boiling hot water and nothing

  5. dibnah says:

    I’m sorry Mark about that but it worked for me, perhaps it’s due to the glass being outside for a long time? I’ll give it another go soon and tell you how it turns out.

  6. Sonata says:

    Try it this way
    Use a blow torch on the bottom, then place it in ice water
    Should cause it to break every time, we break more glass wear in chemistry by that method than any other, Hot to cold is much better, you can use that to crack stone.

  7. dibnah says:

    I’ve not blogged for ages but yesterday I was reminded of it by making some demi johns into cloches to protest my Aubergine plants. I remembered that someone said it did’nt work but I have to say that it worked again for me twice!

    bowl of cold water, boil kettle pour straight into demi john then plunge into the cold water. Both of them cracked straight away.

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