herb spiral two years on

Well at least I think it’s about two years old I can’t quite remember now. Anyway seen as this is my most viewed post I thought I would show some photos of even though I’m not still living here anymore.

There is still plenty of room for improvement. There are loads of gaps still which i used to use for annuals but would be better served by more perennials. I wish I’d never put the lemon balm in, other than the beautiful aroma I’ve never used it and it takes over the whole bloody thing by the summer. the rocket comes back year after year and if picked regular is manageable. The borage is also too large but the slugs harvest most of that so I don’t have too. Nice of them.

Other than that though everything does very well with little or no maintenance. I think I’ll shift the tree onions onto the spiral this should help then to not spread all over but then it’s on it’s own. Can you ever really give a garden up?


2 thoughts on “herb spiral two years on

  1. Jim says:

    Lemon balm, it really makes mowing enjoyable. If you plant lemon balm your neighbors will likely have lemon balm in a few years!

    Nope…I don’t think it is possible to stop gardening.

    Nice herb garden!

  2. dibnah says:

    it’s funny looking at this photo now I’ve not lived there for so long and I’ve so much space now, from small acorns I guess.

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