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Eco house video

Nottingham Eco-Home – Penney Poyzer

check out her TV program no waste like home too.

taking the garden with you

As I’ve previously said due to me and my wife separating I no longer live at home, this is also the reason that I have no been keeping up with posting. Anyway over the past few days I’ve been moving out my stuff books, tools and stuff. Today however I’ve been looking at the garden, it’s awful to think but I think I miss this the most.

Of all the things that I own and have put a lot of time into, the garden is something I wish I could take with me. I know it’s not possible and also even though plants can be moved etc the design as a whole only works because over the past eight years I’ve learned what grows where and all of the other little micro climates that you can only become intimate with over time. even if I could pick it up and put it somewhere else it could never be the same garden.

There are some certain plants however that can be moved, some that can be split and some were planted very recently and so have not yet become established. The question though is not can I move them but should I ? I’ve tried to create a garden which works in harmony with it’s surroundings so by takings things out I risk upsetting the balance.

I think more of my problem is this idea of ownership, I feel a great attachment to my garden and also don’t want it to become overgrown and unmanageable. At the end of the day the garden was deigned for this site and should stay as it was designed, I’ll just have to give it up and keep my eye on it from time to time. The thought of having to start all over again is exciting though so at least there is a positive in all this.