Monthly Archives: October 2007

turning 30

Well sorry that posts are still thin on the ground but there’s not a lot to report. I ‘ve not lost my way but I’m more preacher than practitioner at the moment. I’m still so surprised at the ammount of interest in my little blog. Had a great e-mail the other week a lady wanted to interview me as part of a piece on green parenting (I think) I would have loved to do it but was busy travelling around.

Anyway this month marks a milestone in my life on the second of October I said goodbye to my twenties. Like many people I did have a sence of panic probably more so as I’m worse off than when I turned twenty!! no house no money well at least things can only get better from here. I also managed to celebrate in full childish style by going away to spain ( yes on a plain but sssshhhhh don’t tell anyone ) had a great time and I think a drink or two? now I feel really positive about the future and ready to move on.

I’m going to promise myself to start posting again soon which means I’ll have to get my arse into gear and do something worth talking about. Thanks for looking.