good karma

Last night I recieved the most amazing phone call out of the blue. Last month at a festival I found a purse outside the beer tent being slightly merry myself I put it in my pocket and wobbled off to bed. The next morning when I looked in it there was £60 driving licience bank card and a ferry pass. Now I’m not saying that I did not consider keeping the money it was very tempting being a skint tramp. My conscience took over and I handed it in with a contact number.

I had almost frgotten about it, so it was amazing to get a phone call from someone with nothing but praise for me and find out how much it helped her and what a problem she would have been in if she did not get it back. I wil be spending today feeling smug.


5 thoughts on “good karma

  1. dottyspots says:

    It’s really sweet that they phoned to thank you as well. Well done you :0D

  2. Lesley says:

    I am so pleased you have had such a happy experience. I have just finished posting my somewhat different experiences when I found a bank card –
    However, we once found a super-duper camera on the quay at St Marys in the Isles of Scilly. We handed it in at the police station and later had a lovely letter from Germany where the owners had been traced. The warm glow we had lasted for ages. :))

  3. adekun says:

    I wish whoever finds my motivation will hand it back.

  4. Stonehead says:

    I found a purse in a supermarket last week. It had almost £200 in it, but when I handed it in at the Inquiries Desk you’d have thought I’d put them to major inconvenience. The two women at the desk kept sighing, asking if I couldn’t have given it to the police, now they’d have to geta manager to verify the contents, etc, etc. I wouldn’t surprised if they threw it in the bin once I’d turned my back.

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