Daily Archives: July 31, 2007

working at WO-MUD!!

WOMAD 2007 – Charlton Park

Just spent the weekend working at WOMAD festival for event recycling. Even though the weather was bad at first I seem to have escaped the worst of it while working. The event recycling team are a great bunch of people and if you have missed a ticket or just can’t afford festival prices take a look at their website. I’m considering working for them at Bestival if they get the contract for it so if you go I may see you there.

Even though most of the time I was covered in bin juice!! I had a great laugh and it’s nice to feel that you are doing something for the environment and the ecology of the site. You can also find loads of ace stuff that people have thrown away, like beers, food, clothes we even came across a wedding dress which our supervisor insisted on wearing for the whole shift.