Seed saving

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So all your plants have gone to seed, well good that means free seed next year. All my lettuce and raddish have gone wild but I normally rip them up and compost them, what a fool I have been as then come spring I buy the very same varieties all over again, well no longer. Next years lettuce will be 100% organic and more importantly 100% free.


3 thoughts on “Seed saving

  1. smallholder says:

    As you probably won’t need all the seed pods on your radish plants (unless, of course, you are a radish fiend) you can use the rest in the kitchen. Young and tender seed pods are actually really tasty and infact better value for money as you get many off one plant. I pickle mine in a simple cider vinegar and sugar mix (blanch the pods first for 30 seconds) so I have them all year round. Try it!

  2. Patrick says:

    Saving your own seeds only works if you grow heirloom or open pollinated varieties. Other varieties won’t grow ‘true’ (the resulting plants will be different from their parents). Seed companies do this on purpose, in part to discourage people from seed saving and frustrate people who try anyway.

    My blog is all about seed saving, including politics and food safety. If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll send you some links to some of the more introductory posts to get you oriented.

    A lot of people who read my blog are people like you who are interested in living more independently and simply.

  3. dibnah says:

    thanks for that and you are right. Although I have been lucky over the years and ended up with decent crops from saved seeds. More information is always welcome.

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