First organic garlic

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After all thats gone on in my life and subsequently effecting the garden, I am very proud of this garlic. The other reason is that I try every year to grow garlic and it never produces anything, so it may be due to the fact that I have always tried to grow it from supermarket bought garlic, where as this season I ordered organic bulbs. I think that there must be some manipulation going on in the garlic from the supermarket, all the reason to go organic!

It’s not all quite ready at the moment but if the rest is as good as these then I’m on a winner. It’s a great crop for a small space as you can plant quite a lot which will keep you in garlic for ages, well unless you get a lot of vampires where you live.


9 thoughts on “First organic garlic

  1. Congratulations, your garlic looks perfect!

    This is the first year i’ve grown garlic too. Mine was from shop bought organic garlic that had sprouted in my fridge so I stuck them in pots then planted out when big enough. I didn’t expect them to grow, but they have and taste delicious. Im gutted I didn’t plant more. Next year im going to grow so much, its safe to say vampires will not be visiting our plot!!
    I must find more adventurous ways of using the garlic, my children must be getting sick of special allotment garlic bread by now.

    Im sure yours will taste as lovely as it looks.


  2. dibnah says:

    yes it is. I’m glad you had success with yours too. If it’s my only crop this year I don’t care.

    I try and slip garlic into everything. Kids don’t notice it when it’s cut really small!

  3. melanie says:

    Your garlic looks great. I just stumbled across your blog and find it very interesting. I have been trying to live simply for years but the one thing I am really missing is a garden since I live in a small apartment with little light. Still, it fulfills all my needs for now and the price is right so I shouldn’t complain.

  4. dibnah says:

    I know what it’s like to feel frustrated about growing space. Like you say though if you are comfortable where you are thats just as important. Could you look to share a garden with somebody. I still do a little gardening work for little old ladies, who are quite happy for me to do as I like as long as it is kept tidy.

  5. Shane Bill says:

    Nice work! Man I love garlic and I’ve never grown it before…when I finally move into a flat that’s definitely on my list to grow!

  6. Mel Rimmer says:

    That’s really interesting. I’ve never had any success at all with garlic, and like you I always use normal cooking garlic. Next year I’ll definitely try organic garlic for growing and see if I have more luck. We use loads of garlic so it would be a really worthwhile thing to grow.

  7. mooominmam says:

    i grew some lovely elephant garlic,not as big as promised (the size of a mans fist apparently)but pretty impressive,but they didnt split into cloves,i think its cos it doesnt frost here??

  8. Your blog is constant inspiration for me. If only I can manage to sell my house and get a different one with a larger garden!

  9. stonehead says:

    We grew a lot of garlic this year but eat so much that it won’t last beyond Christmas. I really need to grow it on a field scale, along with the potatoes, mangels, artichokes and onions.

    Which variety did you grow? We had the most success with Solent Wight and Purple Wight, with some of the latter having individual cloves as big as golf balls. Make it interesting if a recipe says “add two cloves of garlic”. 😀

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