private and public life

I must apologise for the drop in posts over the last few months, the reason I wanted to post an article is really for all of you who regularly check my blog even when theres not much going on. to be honest the reason is that me and my wife have seperated and it meant that a lot of the time I was not in the mood for talking shop. I also let a lot of things slide especially in the garden needless to say that this years crop will be a little thin on the ground. Even the fruit trees/bushes seem to have reflected my mood looking a bit sorry for themselves. Looks like this years chutney will be made from the grocers veg rather than my own.

One of the things thats anoyed me is that I missed making birch sap wine and nettle beer, bugger. They will have to wait another year. Again…

On the positive side however I have been getting back intouch with old friends and making new ones. I have decided to get back into art again and made some good connections there. The most surprising though is that I’ve met so many permaculture/sustainable living types, in the last few months. This has been great as I don’t know many in my area. I have also applied for a job, “it’s about time” I can hear my family say.

The most surprising was when I got back intouch with a friend who I have not seen for years. We were chatting on the internet and I happened to plug my blog (modest) She then told me that she lives in an Eco home with Penny Poyzer.

She presented ‘No waste like home’ She regularly does talks all over the country and is Metron of the womens environmental network. She also presented the Green awards and writes books on all things green. Check her out. Her husband Gil is a green architect and does sustainable design. My friend said that they could use some help with the garden which would be a great experience and a chance to put my permaculture design to the test. Perhaps I’ll get my own TV show, and be famous, and change the world, sorry I’ve slipped into a fantasy world again!!


2 thoughts on “private and public life

  1. Colin says:

    Hi Ant, just thought I would post and wish you luck with the whole job thing….I speak from personal experience when I say….”DON’T DO IT” if someone tries to give you a job…RUN AWAY 🙂

  2. Ally says:

    I’m glad you are balancing things out again – and we missed nettle beer again without nearly such a good excuse, if it’s any consolation.

    And dream on – maybe they WILL come true :).

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