hottest summer on record?

Looking back on some of my previous posts I feel a little foolish or but more importantly naive that I understand the world and the weather. We were told that this would be the hottest summer on record and there is no reason why it should not still turn out to be but at the moment we have seen the wettest June for years.

Even in our area where I have never seen the effects of flooding we have experienced burst banks and disruptions. Lincolnshire has experienced twice the average ammount of rainfall for June. The floods have also brought power cuts to many local areas and in usual style nobody is prepared and everyone panics.

I must say that however upsetting it is to find that people have lost their lives due to the floods, it proves the lack of understanding and respect for our natural environment. We are so far removed from nature that we forget how powerful it can be.

This is just the effect of more rain fall than expexcted, it’s not a very assuring considering the the things we may have to deal with in the future, peak oil, sea level change and hotter temperatures. I must admit though that I feel a little foolish moaning about no water the other month, will I ever be satisfied……….me……….never……..


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