water crisis

Got up this morning to find that there is not water!! this is the second time this year, which may not seem much to some people around the world but it the first time this has happened since I’ve lived here for 9 years. It really makes you think about how much we rely on such basic services like water sewerage electric and gas. We never give them a thought untill they are not available.

If the peak oil projections are true will this be the future of our general services? I was totally unprepared this time and I’m the sort of person who knows what should be done and how to do it but for those who are blissfully unaware of the reality of daily life they must be in a panic.

I can flush the toilet with water from the water butt as well as giving some to the dogand cat . I could also spend ages boiling it for us but I think that I’ll just go down to the shop for now. The worst part is my little boy has an awful cold and I want him to drink lots of fluids, it’s just another reminder of how prepared we all could be but never bother to think about.

Water is the worst service to be without, electric and gas I can do without for quite a while but water is hard to substitute. If our future requires a more resilient daily life then today has taught me a valuable lesson and no I’m not one of crazy doom scenario people just a realist who would like to be prepared for all eventualities.

I’m just pissed off that I can’t have a cup of tea…………………..


4 thoughts on “water crisis

  1. dibnah says:

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    HUNDREDS of homes have been left without water this morning after another leak.

    Ville Road, in Ashby, was flooded two months ago when a mains water burst wrecking a large number of homes.

    Today, Anglian Water has teams at the site again after water began gushing down the street around 5.15pm after another pipe close to the road leaked.

    And people living in Riddings and Bottesford have reported they have no water.

    Dan Baker, a spokesman for Anglian Water, said: “As soon as we identified there was a leak we isolated supply at the mains so what happened in March did not happen again and we successfully turned it off.

    “We re-zoned the water and diverted the supply to other pipes. “At peak time this morning some people had lower water pressure or no water at all but we do not know the full extent of that yet.”

    Mr Baker said the leak was not on the part of the pipe that was fixed in March but confirmed it was the same pipe.

    At the time of going to press the water company said it had not managed to find the exact location of the leak but had a lot of staff working on the problem. See tomorrow’s Telegraph for the full story.

  2. Thurston Garden says:

    Whilst you were gasping for a cup o tea, I was in Waverley Station in Edinburgh. This is the first time I have seen the rain so heavy that it flooded the station from above and from below. Not only was the water pouring in through the roof, but it was also gushing out of the manholes in the concourse floor.

    Some of the heaviest rain I have seen, second only to my Navy days in Sri Lanka!

  3. dibnah says:

    that was the ironic thing here too no water in the tap and hailstones outside!!

    I’d love to visit Sri Lanka. The heaviest rain I’ve seen was in Mexico in 5 mins the roads were flooded and everyone soaked then the sun came out again and we were all dry in another 5.

  4. Sarah says:

    “At peak time this morning some people had lower water pressure or no water at all but we do not know the full extent of that yet.”

    What a cop-out. We had no water all day, luckily this time we were both out of the house anyway so didn’t need such luxuries as flushing the loo, washing hands and drinking water!
    In march we had no water for 2 nights/3 days.
    I wonder how many more times?

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