Finally it rains

Thank god for yesterdays downpour, I now have one water barrel one third full, it will not last long but at least if it rain today aswell the garden and pots will not need any water for a few days. I hate having to be dependant on the hose pipe not just for environmental reasons but I find it hard to keep track on the ammount of water I use when there is a constant supply.


4 thoughts on “Finally it rains

  1. Ally says:

    I’m finding it particularly difficult as we have put in half a dozen new trees – I need to keep them watered and with the mains-hose it’s scary how much you can let flood out without really realising.

  2. stonehead says:

    We deliberately choose not to use a hosepipe and instead use an array of watering cans. That’s no easy task as we have 14 big raised beds, three areas of soft fruits, apple trees, and more.

    But carrying three 2-gallon watering cans at a time from the butts or the tap out to the beds and back again, is an excellent reminder of how much water is actually being used.

    It’s still very hard work though, especially once you’ve hit the 12th or 13th trip.

  3. I have a water butt which I bought last year and a hosepipe. Unfortunately, the pressure of the water doesn’t even generate a trickle 😦

  4. z says:

    No rain here yet. Apparently, in Norfolk there was only 1 millimetre of rain in April.

    On the other hand, last year April and May were both cold and bleak months, and this year everything is growing much better. I had no peas last year as they barely grew in the cold and then frizzled when the heat rolled in at the start of June. I prefer this year’s weather, on balance.

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