supermarket eco wars

Asda anounced this week that it was introducing bagless check outs so that people could only use it if they brought their own bag. Thats a great idea but I would rather they put pressure on supplyers to reduce the ammount of packaging and introduce refill systems. Ecover have refill systems but you only get them in independant health food shops. I would like to see a supermarket looking more like a way and save.

We are less likely to see these changes in the near future as the supermarkets real goal is to win the eco wars and not to save the planet. In the last few years it has become fashionable to be seen to be green.

How can Tesco say that they have an environmental policy when they have reuined thousands of small businesses by pushing then out and by offering a tesco life where you can buy all your food, electricals, phone, bank, insurance and mortgage, they are even talking about introducing GP surgerys! A healthy eco system relys on a polyculture not a monoculture to survive.

All these actions are just token gestures to trick the consumer into thinking that they are the most green supermarket, while they can get away with the slightest action they will continue to do so. A bagless shopping checkout makes the national news, is it realy that big a deal, when they still promote huge food miles, unseasonal produce and continue to buil there shops on the edge of town meaning you have to drive to get there.

I’m still holding out, a supermarket could be such a better place but there is still a long way to go.


4 thoughts on “supermarket eco wars

  1. stonehead says:

    The problem is what to do when there is no alternative but a supermarket. We’re almost entirely self-sufficient in meat, eggs and vegetables but there are still things we need to buy from the shops.

    We had used our local shop a lot, but the owners (who lived in the village) recently sold out to a businessman with a chain of convenience stores.

    He’s taken out most of the speciality lines – baking, Fairtrade, organic, etc – as these don’t shift in sufficient quantities for his liking. Now, it’s all the high-margin, fast-turnover standard pap.

    Prices have also gone up so they’re no longer just above the supermarket (with fuel in the equation it was about the same to shop local as head for the supermarket in the next town) to well above the supermarket.

    And while we still have the butcher and chemist/newsagent/toyshop in the village, the convenience store is now stocking many of their more profitable or faster shifting lines.


  2. dibnah says:

    We still have to use the supermarket too but I’m glad I’m not so reliant on it as I used to be.

  3. Sally says:

    just wanted to drop by as a fellow supermarket avoider and say hi. It can ake time and a bit of planning to shop elswhere, other than at Tescos etc, can’t it? Don’t know whether you are aware, but there was a report published recently by the New Economics Foundation which said that it is now more cost effective to shop in farmers markets than at supermarkets – good news for our wallets as well as our health :o)

  4. smallholder says:

    Giving out plastic bags willy-nilly at supermarket checkouts is insanity and should be stopped completely. Here in France all the supermarkets stopped these bags about two years ago, it was no big deal and now everyone takes a reuseable bag.
    Packaging is a huge problem in supermarkets, even things that shouldn’t need it is packaged. What annoys me most is that it’s impossible to buy things in large sizes, which would be one good way to reduce the waste. With a family of four, I would like the choice of buying in bulk; ie. 10 kilos of rice instead of 1 – but I can’t! And why is so much packaging made of plastic when tough card would work fine (I’m thinking rice again!)and be something you could put on the compost heap or use as a firelighter after?

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