april’s permaculture veg patch

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What with coming back from Bulgaria and having my wisdom teeth out this years growing season has been a little behind but I’m almost back on track now. I managed to drag my puffy face down to my mothers and get some seeds in.

Here’s what went in.
Chard blue lights
Spinach beet- perpetual spinach
Beetroot bolthardy
Lettuce mixed
Leeks – forget which sort
Sugar snap peas
Pea kelvedon wonder

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This is my experiment for this year to see if I can simply just push the pea seed through the paper mulch. I’m surethat it will be fine and also I hope that it will stop the pigeons from digging them all up but thats a long shot.

I was very pleased to find that the sandy soil under the mulch was quite moist which surprised me as it has not rained here for over two weeks. The only problem is that there was quite a number of slugs under there as well but I deal with that by just planting more seed one for me one for the slug.

My best victory has been between me and the cabbage white, last summer it totally decimated my cabbage and broccoli crop and although I lost all the cabbages and most of the broccoli the purple sprouting because of it’s long season has come back beautifully. All I need now is to be able to eat and I can enjoy it.

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I’ll also be potting on most of the seedlings like tomato chilli pepper and the squashes in the next few days. My only problem is that I’ve lost a number of seed packets, I think I need a word with the little lad.


One thought on “april’s permaculture veg patch

  1. Tash says:

    We abandoned the idea of purple sprouting again because it took so much space for such a long time – whereas the food output was minimal, if delicious. Ours suffered with cabbage-whites as well, it was a case of daily thumbings to kill ’em all. There are good aphid and greenfly products which are organic and use completely harmless natural chemicals.

    Our peas are up, I’ve hand-grown all of the borlotti beans and runner beans, courgettes (and 101 other things) so that they get a good head-start.

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