sod the chemicals i’m ill

I was just thinking how I’d never thought much about my ethics when it came down to medicine and being ill. I will quite happily starve rather than go into a Mc Donalds but if I’ve got tooth ache I’ll take anything that will relieve the pain.

I’m suffering at the moment after having my wisdom teeth out, my face is swollen , I can’t feel my tounge and I can’t open my mouth properly. I’ve been given an arm full of tablets for the swelling, pain and antibiotics. I’ve done without the paracetamol but I’ve taken the others, not because I’m brave but it’s just not painful, just uncomfortable. If it starts hurting I’ll be taking the painkillers too.

To be honest I’m too afraid of getting an infection not to take the others. I’m also using a strong chemical mouthwash instead of just warm salt water, which works just as well. I think it’s all down to having had tooth ache so many times the thought of having it again or some other mouth infection is just to much of an incentive not to reach for the chemicals.

Also because I can’t eat I’ve been having these ‘Enrich plus’ milkshakes. They are full of chemicals and E numbers but I need something. I have had some homemade soup but it’s ran out and I don’t have a liquidiser just a hand blender so I still choke on the chunks.

I don’t know if it’s my lack of commitment or my long running fear of teeth troubles but I’m sticking with the tablets for now. I’m not against modern medicine, for many people it’s life or death but I just don’t like all the side effects you get from supposedly low risk medicine. For example as I type this I keep making mistakes and when I stand up I feel drunk, not that it’s such a bad thing, I’d just rather be doing the drinking part.


6 thoughts on “sod the chemicals i’m ill

  1. Colin says:

    Poor you 😦 hope things get better soon. I suppose the call of your garden is pretty unbearable at this time of you.

  2. kethry says:

    I had three of mine out (two lower, one upper) about 10 years ago, the dental hospital gave me this wonderful drug that meant i didn’t remember anything of what happened but was awake enough to co-operate with holding my mouth open. Felt drunk (the nurse described it as 2 valium and a bottle of champagne and i’ve never had 2 valiums and a bottle of champers but by god they felt nice) then came home amd more or less slept it off. Wonderful. Far better than the other wisdom tooth (which was yanked out (an upper one) under local). If i have to have any work done again (and i know i will, got fillings) i’m gonna insist on that stuff. wonderful stuff.

    i hope the pain and stuff goes soon though. It does, you know, more quickly than you think – the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body.



  3. Gavin says:

    I don’t mean to make you feel worse, but my wisdom teeth never grew in. Haha.

    As for modern medicine. I work in healthcare and I don’t take any medications either, I always prefer a natural alternative. Sometimes the side effects we see in the ER are worse than the condition the drug is attempting to combat. Ohh well, it’s a hit and miss game, this modern medicine.

  4. dibnah says:

    I know what you mean my wife went to the doctor with back pain and he perscribed a drug and the pain got worse and worse untill it was unbearable, I checked the side effects one of them was severe back pain!! She stopped taking them and was better the next day.

  5. stonehead says:

    You have my sympathy. I’ve had a severe abscess for 16 months now (a long story and a total indictment of NHS dentistry) with constant pain throughout.

    I refuse to take painkillers during the day and only take them once or twice a week before going to bed (otherwise I’d get no sleep at all) because the only ones that work are cocodamol 30/500. If I’d been taking them every day for a year I’d have a serious codeine habit by now.

    Oh, and another effect of severe pain? Constant grumpiness – ask the Other Half and the boys what it’s like sharing a house with a bear with a sore head!

  6. dibnah says:

    What I find amazing is how brilliant I feel now just through the removal of some teeth. It has also cured my bruxism (cleching of teeth) which is probably why I feel so much better because I don’t wake up grumpy.

    I did not know how much bruxism can effect your daily life I did not even know I had it untill I phoned the oral surgeon last week to ask him if it was normal to feel so diffent after having teeth removed.

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