I love sheffield

I spent the weekend with friends in Sheffield, we went to see ‘Bison’ play got very drunk and had a great time. The next morning feeling a bit rough we went walking round some of the parks which are just a great place to be when you are feeling a little delicate.

It was also great to see a couple of lads urban foraging at the back of a supermarket, they ended up with easy enough stuff to feed themselves and others.

I also went to the new-ish arboretum in the city centre, it’s a huge wooden domed building. There is also a new peace park which again is beautiful.

What I like best is that there is such a good vibe in Sheffield, we were not the only ones enjoying the parks there were loads of people with picnics and BBQ’s but what makes it different is that everyone is so friendly. Thanks Sheffield for a great weekend.


One thought on “I love sheffield

  1. andykisaragi says:

    i was in sheffield at the weekend too.
    didn’t realise bison were playing though. bison rocks. sheffield does have a nice vibe… it’s a frustrating place too though, it never makes the most of what it’s got… the winter gardens being a case in point really, put up an amazing iconic building, then put up a bunch of standardized offic e type buildings around it, obscuring it from most angles… ah well.

    i just noticed your link to us by the way, i shall go return the favour…

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