rain water harvesting

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I had to do some repair work today on my water butt, as in the winter the bricks that it was sat on sank and it smashed through the fence. I’ve buit a new wooden frame for two butts as a single one fills really quickly in winter and emptys just as quick in the summer.

I hope that the wooden frame is stong enough, I’ve used all recycled wood from various sources and wanted to try it before building a concrete base. I think that it’s pretty sound as I tested it the usual way, by jumping up and down on it, although with my skinny arse I don’t know if that makes a difference.

If it had been at the top of the garden then I would have made it as high as possible so that I could use a hose pipe or drip feed but it’s at the bottom so I just left enough room for the watering can and to put plant pots under.

All I need now is to attach a connector, from one to the other so when one is full it then overflows into the other, I think that was part of the problem with having one on it’s own as in winter it was always overflowing and possibly caused the bricks to shift. I ‘ll post pictures when it collapses and causes a mini tidal wave.


7 thoughts on “rain water harvesting

  1. Hey nice work. I have recently set up a water butt on my allotment – well put it on some bricks! Now all I need is some flippin rain!!!

  2. dibnah says:

    Rain has been a bit slim on the ground round here too I had to water the garden today!

  3. Tash says:

    That is one thing we need – water butts. It’s on our very long list of things-to-do. We save up (in various containers) all of the water that we can, especially that which comes from the hot tap *before* the hot water does. That kept us going over the summer last year, and we’re doing alot of research into drought-tolerant varieties.

    I saw your dog-post, we got ours from Jay-Gees too (Brigg) – she is a handful, but we love her completely! Although we don’t live in Lincolnshire anymore, we’d definitely get another dog from them in the future. But not whilst G is still with us, one mad thing is *quite* enough!

  4. in2l says:

    I take it these things do not freeze in winter. What happens if they are almost empty and a long freeze comes along? Would they burst?

    This is on my list too. Last year was the first year I have ever composted, what a cool feeling to be giving back to mother nature.

  5. dibnah says:

    I’ve never seen that happen it would have to be very cold for one to freeze completly. They will only ever be empty in a hot summer as it does not take that much rain to fill one.

  6. in2l says:

    Thanks for the info. My property slopes a bit from the back toward the house. My gardens are mostly downhill (only a slight grade) from there. Will I get enough from gravity to get water pressure for running soaker hoses? Your thoughts?

  7. dibnah says:

    yes easily, you would be surprised at the ammount of pressure you can get. Just make sure that you get the barrel as high as possible.

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