plastic recycling collection

5000 people responded in favour of plastic bottle collection so this summer will see north lincs council starting to collect it from your door.

Packaging represents the largest single sector of plastics use in the UK. The sector accounts for 35% of UK plastics consumption and plastic is the material of choice in nearly half of all packaged goods.

This is the last part of recycling our waste and will make a huge difference provided people use it. We already have paper,glass, tins/cans, compostable materials as well as the landfill collections. However many people still complain that the landfill collection once a fortnight is not enough, hopefully this will gain peoples interest in recycling.

I’m glad that this is happening but would be happier still if local councils would put the pressure on supermarkets to reduce their packaging. Recycling is just the first step in our reduction of waste not a solution.


2 thoughts on “plastic recycling collection

  1. Mel Rimmer says:

    I’ve been lobbying our council for ages to do doorstep plastics recycling. But as you say, the best solution would be for retailers to cut the packaging. I don’t think it’s councils who should pressure them to do this, though. Customer pressure is the key.

  2. dibnah says:

    I think that consumer pressure is a powerful way to change things but I would not say that pressure from a local council would not be welcome.

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