march’s permaculture veg patch

I’ve been a little busy to get alot of things done veg wise these last few weeks but March is normally one of the busiest months of the year. Seeds are constantly on my mind in march, wether it’s the ones that I’m sowing or the ones I need to buy.
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Now is the time to get out all those seeds that you saved from last year so that you have organic and free seeds aswell as a knowledge of the seeds past. That is if you remembered to save all your seeds rather than plonking them on the compost or eating them! Over the past years I’ve managed to save more and more, if you are growing the same thing year after year there is no real excuse not to.

I don’t have a greenhouse I have to make do with a table near the window but if you are careful you can make best use of such a small space. If you have no greenhouse then don’t sow crops which benefit from that type of environment and think about which seeds can be sown in a prepared bed. With these two thoughts in mind you will realise that you don’t need much room at all.

If I had a greenhouse it would be full but because I don’t I have to plan the growing season well. All the seeds I can sow in a prepared bed save me having to find space for them. It also means that I have a few more weeks before they have to be in the ground. The seeds that can be sowed straight into the ground are normally those which require thinning rather than special individual treatment.

Yesterday I sowed squashes, chilli peppers and tomatoes as for me these are much easyer to deal with when they can be seperated, they also benefit from an extra bit of TLC. Also if I’m honest I love to watch squashes grow. I also sowed three tubs of raddish which is a great crop as it ‘s quick to germinate.


One thought on “march’s permaculture veg patch

  1. I enjoy that sense of being part of a natural continuation of things. Sowing the seeds saved last season provides new challenges – each growing season offers new insights and challenges.

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